This Woman's Passport Photo Went Horribly Wrong

Getting a new passport photo can feel like a lot of pressure: First, you have to follow the ever-changing rules and regulations. And then you have to try to look as cute as possible for an image you’ll carry with you for a decade in one of the most important documents you’ll ever have.


So imagine one woman’s surprise when she thought she’d done everything right — posing for a cute and ordinary snapshot and sending it off for processing.

But when her new passport arrived in the mail, Austin’s Chelsey Ramos didn’t look quite like herself. In fact, the state department had stretched her imagine into a pretty hilarious, and rather unflattering, conehead.

Her boyfriend posted the image on Reddit, noting, “The State Department nailed my girlfriend's passport.” It’s since gone viral.

Even the state department itself weighed in on the thread, noting: “Whoops! U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs here. That is not our finest work. Please tell her we're sorry for the mistake and we're happy to fix it at no charge.”

But the star of the viral photo told Travel + Leisure she’d actually be kind of into it, except for the fear that keeping it as is could mess with her future ability to travel. 

"I would have loved to keep this passport but decided to send it back because I don't want to run into any issues at the airport,” she said. “The state department was super helpful though and are swapping it out for free."