That Feeling When You Travel for Plastic Surgery... And Get Stuck When Your Face Doesn't Match Your Passport Photo

"It's me, I swear!" That's how we imagine the conversation went down in the airport scenario behind a photo that's become a viral sensation in China. The image purportedly shows three travelers stranded at the airport when they no longer looked like the photos in their passports. Behold:


They seem to have taken advantage of South Korea's expertise in plastic surgery — it's the world capital of cosmetic procedures after all. Friendcation fun, right? But the problem came when they tried to board a plane back home with bandaged and swollen faces.

According to AsiaOne, Chinese TV host Jian Huahua posted the photo on Weibo with this caption: "Received from frontline personnel at the airport during the holidays: These women made use of the long holidays to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea. On the way back, they were unable to leave the country and had to await proof of identification. Even your mother won't recognise you."

But all might not be as it seems: South Korea is disputing this story. According to Shanghaiist, South Korea's Ministry of Justice told South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo that this story was "fake news" without "any basis in facts." As well, the Chinese TV anchor deleted the photo from her social media account.

Still, if you travel for significant cosmetic procedures, it might be worth taking a few more days to rest up and heal post-surgery, before trying to board an international flight. The more you know.