"Fugitive deported from Canada faces death penalty in China"

The Globe and Mail          June 14,2000

It is vital that you have "Secondary ID." that supports your Cover identity,a simple traffic stop can have dire consequences as in the case of Fang Yong
Mr. Fang disappeared until police stopped him for a traffic violation in Montreal in 1999.

Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan took a tough stand on the deportation from Canada of a Chinese refugee claimant who has now been sentenced to death, indicating that Canada will not refuse to expel white-collar criminals who face execution in their native country.

However, the sentence has proved an embarrassing turn of events for Canadian immigration officials, who said privately they had believed that the man faced, at most, a jail sentence of 10 years.

Fang Yong, 36, was sentenced to death in China for a 1990 computer fraud that netted $290,000, China's official Xinhua News Agency reported Monday. His was a high-profile case that reportedly got close attention from senior Chinese officials, the agency said.

Mr. Fang, who hid in Canada for nine years, was not extradited to face trial, but was deported on Jan. 7 because his request for refugee status was refused.

Ms. Caplan said that the Canadian government will not shy away from such deportations, even when the deportee faces death.

"There are some things that other countries do that we don't like, and there are some things that we do that other countries don't like," she said. "But we will not send a message that Canadians will be taken advantage of, nor will we harbor those who come here and go underground."

Mr. Fang, a former computer operator at the Bank of Communication in the city of Ningbo, was accused of diverting money from government accounts in 1989 and 1990. He eluded Chinese police who sought to arrest him.

After coming to Canada, he applied for refugee status, but was refused by the Immigration and Refugee Board in 1992. His request for a review by the Federal Court of Canada was rejected later that year.