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Amicus International LLC. is an information provider on legal Nationality and Residency programs. We currently refer serious candidates to highly trusted and reliable source/s who represent a few select approved "Residency" Programs as referral agents for a few select countries.

Please be advised that Amicus International LLC. does "NOT" sell PASSPORTS As per our agreement with the respective sources, the countries and the issuing authorities, we are unable to disclose the exact name of each country at this time. As referral agents we are entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. Upon our satisfaction that a potential applicant is genuinely interested we will refer you to the appropriate source who will handle your requirements. They will disclose the name of the country and answer all your questions. Interested parties who are serious respect our position and determination to screen out the "merely curious" and the "time wasting lookie-loos." This information is for the seriously interested only.

Please do not waste your time and ours. We repeat, we DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS. We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only, not the contract.  The source is an association of international lawyers and specialists in order to provide the most private and up to date services available. They have been involved with offshore consulting for the last 26 years, with complete confidentiality guaranteed by, "Attorney Client Privilege".

Following you will find "examples" of what locales may or may not be available and is for information purposes only. The locales, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


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Nationality & Residency Programs

The fastest ways to become a citizen and get your second passport


1. Citizenship by descent
If you have ancestors from Europe, you may be able to obtain a second passport very inexpensively. The process is called citizenship by descent and usually takes anywhere from six months  to 2 years,but requires extensive  supporting documentation.

2. Make an investment
It goes without saying that if you have significant cash to invest, the passport process can be sped up, various citizenship by investment programs, which start at $55,000 to $100,000 per person. Most decent economic citizenship programs can be found in either the Caribbean (Dominica starts at the aforementioned $100,000) or in Europe (Malta runs closer to $1 million).

3. Marry a foreign national
If you are lucky enough to fall in love with someone with a great passport, it’s possible you could be a naturalized citizen of their home country. Foreign spouses often qualify for a shortened waiting period for naturalization, although language requirements sometimes exist. Few countries still offer instant citizenship for foreign spouses, but there are still a few attractive options.

4. Receive special treatment
If you are an exceptional artistic or athletic talent, or if you invest enough money, some countries allow the President to waive naturalization requirements (including language requirements) and make anyone a citizen. Examples include Albania, Qatar, and Singapore; Poland’s former president used to do this, but the current party does not. Special treatment is also the basis for Austria’s alleged economic citizenship program, but it is rarely used and most people who would want an Austrian passport wouldn’t qualify on the basis of “not seeming Austrian only”.