Red notices are a form of worldwide arrest warrant that are circulated by Interpol to member countries, listing persons who are wanted for extradition.


The election of Chinese Vice Public Security Minister Meng Hongwei as Interpol's president a year ago has alarmed rights advocates who cite abuses and opacity within China's legal system.

The Uighurs are Turkish speaking Muslims from China's western region of Xinjiang and Beijing routinely accuses exiled Uighur activists of supporting terrorist activities in Xinjiang.

Dolkun Isa, who campaigns from Germany on behalf of the ethnic Uyghur community in Xinjiang, has been subjected to a red notice for over a decade but has been unable to access or remove it, interfering with his worldwide travel.

New York-based Human Rights Watch claimed that numerous red notices requested by China were "politically motivated".

Xi said China's stability was just as much its contribution to the world as its economic development, and that it firmly supported the global struggle against terrorism.

"And with China's vice-minister of public security - a notoriously abusive agency - as president, Interpol's credibility is on the line", she said.

Human Rights Watch also raised concerns about the ability of Meng, who assumed Interpol's presidency in November 2016, to maintain Interpol's neutrality, and to respect and protect human rights as stipulated in the organization's constitution.

China's Public Security Minister, Guo Shengkun, told the assembly that China hoped to use worldwide police cooperation to strengthen its defense against the threat of militants returning from overseas to join groups like the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. "They are responsible for protecting public safety and for protecting the civil liberties - including privacy rights - of citizens", a U.S. Embassy statement quoted him as saying.

The MPS said that law enforcement and security cooperation between China and Interpol has been deepened, and that China has called for intensified efforts on major issues including promoting the use of the Interpol database.

In recent months, Guo has become a widely followed social media presence by serving up sensational, if mostly unverifiable, tales of corruption and scandal within the Communist Party's innermost sanctum, including among Xi's closest allies.