Initial Consultation & Fees


Amicus International Consulting has a simple philosophy when we started this firm – treat each case as if it was your own life. To this day we insist on this philosophy and our staff do care.  Our results reflect that commitment and passion.

We see hundreds of people each year and pride ourselves on the in-depth nature of our consultations. We employ a team approach to case evaluations to ensure we collect as much relevant information as possible in order to provide our clients with affordable, effective and lasting solutions.

How much does the process cost?

At Amicus, we take great care to honor the legal principle of access to justice. Although our fees reflect the superb quality of work, we do our best to make our rates affordable for our clients.

Our fees will range based upon the nature and complexity of your case and the number of applications required to be made on your behalf.

Once your matter is carefully assessed during the case evaluation, specific fees will be available.

  • Block fees
  • We discount the consultation fee from your legal fees, should you retain our services.

There is great mythology surrounding consultation fees, specifically that consultants charge lower fees, or that larger firms charge higher fees than smaller firms.  The reality is that our fees are reflective of the complexity of your case.

Does Amicus offer free consultations?

We are contacted by many people each week who have many questions, our initial consultation fee covers the cost of a through evaluation of your needs.

Given the in-depth case evaluations we provide, we do charge for our time. However if a client retains us to help with their matter, the consultation fee will be applied to future fees if we are retained within 7 calendar days of the initial consultation and if a payment method other than credit card is used to pay the retainer fee.

Our consultation fee is nonrefundable.

Should I Hire a Consultant to assist with my process?

This is a personal decision.

We have a saying here at Amicus International: “stop worrying and start living”. What this really means is that you have to place trust in who you ask to represent you in this very important step in your life.


We have helped hundreds over many years, and we are very good at what we do.


Leave the stress to us.  We will be with you each step of the way. That is the kind of relationship we want to establish. Your role is to ensure we have the resources to meet the demands of your case. That will be an investment, but it will be money well spent.

What are my chances of success?

This is difficult to comment upon until your case is assessed.

You can be assured we have handled a case similar to yours with success.

We must confirm the particulars of your case before we can give you the specifics. You want a full assessment and not a quick answer, as this is a big step in your life.

Have you had cases similar to mine where you were successful?

We encourage you to explore our website for recent work we have done. 

Confidential Information

Our consultants at all times shall hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of the client acquired in the course of the professional relationship and shall not divulge any such information unless expressly or impliedly authorized by the client or required by law to do so.

All clients of Amicus should be rest assured that any information they divulge will remain strictly confidential. A signed confidentiality agreement between Amicus and the client is required.

Kindly note that the consultation, unless otherwise consented to, is specific to only one matter and additional fees apply to discuss further matters.

In your initial consultation, you may expect a preliminary review of issues and documents. Should you desire written opinions, additional fees will apply.

Telephone/E-Mail Inquiries

We ask that you provide your full name, phone number/e-mail address, how you were referred to us, and all other applicable information.

Initial Consulting Fee. $800.00 USD.

We accept payment  via

  • Wire Transfer
  • Bit Coin
  • Visa,Mastercard,Amex.

*fees and rates are subject to change without prior notice