At Amicus International Consulting, we provide services and advice for various issues related to International Prisoner Treaty Transfers,Dual/Second Citizenship's,Anonymous Travel and Living.

We create the solutions for clients who find themselves in very unique and challenging circumstances.  

Second Citizenship,Nationality & Residency Program Information

Amicus International LLC. is an information provider on legal Nationality and Residency programs. We currently refer serious candidates to highly trusted and reliable source/s who represent a few select approved "Residency" Programs as referral agents for a few select countries.

Please be advised that Amicus International LLC. does "NOT" sell PASSPORTS. As per our agreement with the respective sources, the countries and the issuing authorities, we are unable to disclose the exact name of each country at this time. As referral agents we are entrusted with the responsibility of screening the possible applicants carefully. Upon our satisfaction that a potential applicant is genuinely interested we will refer you to the appropriate source who will handle your requirements. They will disclose the name of the country and answer all your questions. Interested parties who are serious respect our position and determination to screen out the "merely curious". This information is for the seriously interested only.

Please do not waste your time and ours. We repeat, we DO NOT SELL PASSPORTS. We act as a referral agent for the CONTACT only, not the contract.  The source is an association of international lawyers and specialists in order to provide the most private and up to date services available. They have been involved with offshore consulting for the last 26 years, with complete confidentiality guaranteed by, "Attorney Client Privilege".

          "Amicus can provide you with a new legal identity."....South China Post, February 23,2017

Canada will not refuse to expel white-collar criminals who face execution in their native country-
Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan. June 14 2000

South China Morning Post    

23 February 2017

by Ian Young, The Hong couver

A Vancouver firm offers clients ‘new identities’. Its customers have included Chinese criminals....‘Amicus is the expert you need if you wish to live a life of anonymity’

"The best non extradition countries to become invisible"


Extreme Confidentiality

We emphasize that Amicus clients can be assured we will adhere to a strict confidentiality pledge; therefore, we will NEVER discuss or reveal any details about your case with anyone.
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Second Passport

Gain your freedom to move again.

We STRONGLY warn against using a “deceased person’s identity” or a borrowed relative's or friend's ID -- Amicus will help you acquire a legal new identity through our established Government contacts around the world.

Using a stolen, counterfeit, cloned, borrowed or altered passport is very dangerous,highly illegal and carries severe judicail penalties.

In 1997, the U.S. Department of State launched the “zero tolerance” passport program known as “Operation Death Match” in an effort to combat passport and identity fraud. Read More.....

People wishing to obtain fraudulent passports sometimes use the names of people who are recently deceased or died very young,(known as"Ghosting")  Over 10,000 persons have been caught since “Operation Death Match” was initiated,matching birth and death records. This type of program is now used throughout the world to secure passports and other forms of ID.

Countries are increasingly using "Facial Recognition Technology" to detect Passport Fraud and e-Passports embedded with "Bio-metric" information to detect fake or altered passports.

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There are numerous citizenship's for sale, for an investment or residence fee, citizenship can be bought.

                              When your Life and Liberty is on the line, trust Amicus to protect it.

Sentenced to 25 years in US.prison,but released after just 5 years because of a treaty transfer

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International Prisoner Treaty Transfers

At Amicus, we assist international (foreign national) prisoners gain approval to transfer back to their home countries to serve their sentence.

When we take a transfer treaty case and the prisoner becomes our client, we ensure that we handle our client’s case from start to finish.  We cannot guarantee an outcome -- but we do promise that we will do everything possible, and even what seems to be the impossible for most, Amicus will find a solution and see that the goal of returning to their home country is accomplished.

We focus our assistance on the totality of the person by addressing those areas and giving support to our client’s individual needs.  We start from the premise that they are more than just the offense they committed – that they are human beings with positive attributes that need to be emphasized and promoted in the process of our representation.

The benefit of using our services in your effort to transfer or have your loved ones transferred cannot be overstated.  We have developed a network of people with whom we work to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.  We have the administrative ability and drive to carry the procedures through to the end and the determination and sincerity to get the job done right.  

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ERS - Foreign national prisoners The UK. Early Removal Scheme for foreign national prisoners

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A brief history of International Prisoner treaty transfers

In 1825, the U.S. Supreme Court stated:  “The Courts of no country execute the penal laws of another.”  151 years later, in a very different world, the United States signed prisoner transfer treaties with its neighbours, Canada and Mexico.  Today, through additional bilateral treaties and multilateral treaties negotiated under the auspices of the Council of Europe and the Organization of American States, the United States has prisoner transfer treaty relations with 77 countries. 

The transfer program for international prisoners began in 1977.  To see the current list of countries with which the United States has transfer treaties, please click here.

The length of the person’s sentence remains the same, but it is carried out according to the laws of the receiving country, which usually means that the transferred prisoner's custodial (behind bars) time is greatly reduced.  

What is the advantage of using our services?

It is important to remember that each person is different, as such so will each case and circumstances also differ; regardless of these differences, the unifying need is to have the best possible representation to assist you through the process -- and this is exactly what Amicus can provide you.